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Make Your App Standout From The Rest

As of 2017, there are more than 2 million apps available. So with all that competition, now it is more important than ever to ensure that you take all the steps necessary to make your app stand out from the rest.

So What Is ASO?


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility for your app in places such as Google Play, App Store, and the Windows Store. Here are some of the elements that Pixel To Left considers when tackling any ASO campaign.


Keyword Analysis – This is the first stage in any optimization. It is important to know any trending or vital keywords that we need to focus on.


App Title – For the app title the most relevant keyword should be used, it is also important to note that this element is limited to 50 characters so the focus keyword will probably be the only text here.


Subtitle – This feature is new to iOS 11. This element is limited to 30 characters so it needs to be brief but is great for a short tagline.


Featured Graphic or Masthead – This element is so much important to ASO, however, this feature has been proven to increase the CRO.


Video Masthead – This is a variation of the Featured Graphic or Masthead. If a video is available it is recommended that this is used in place of an image since research has shown a substantial increase in user engagement when a video is involved.


Short Description Optimization – The short description is just that. This element has a max 80 character limit. This element should be brief but engaging and should contain one or two keywords.


Long Description Optimization – The long description allows for 4000 characters. This is where you will want to place your long tail keywords. The long description should also contain your call to action.


Still, need more information, let the experts at Pixel To The Left assist you with optimizing your app.

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