Content gets a bad rep. Content is actually the cornerstone of every single aspect of digital marketing. It helps boost rankings, it engages, and it converts. It gives you the opportunity to relay your story to your audience and allows you to answer the big questions that will ultimately create a new level of trust for your brand. Well written content should reflect your organization’s culture, why you should stand out from the rest, and most importantly … why should they choose you!

Content and Social Media – A well-written post can often drive users to your website. It is important to make sure that your content is informative, accurate, and engaging. If your content follows this, it will help generate trust in your brand.

Content and SEO – These are the two that can’t live without each other. Google and other search engines reward websites that have content that is relevant, error-free, and easy to read. With proper research into keywords and trends, content can be optimized to maintain or increase rankings.

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