Google Service Configuration

What Is A Google Configuration?

Your websites data is important, it informs you of your websites successes and its shortcomings. Improper tracking of your data could be costing you valuable insights that you could be leveraged to increase your companies revenue. Our comprehensive configuration covers the following:


Google Analytics:

Google analytics is one of the single most important tracking tools that should be included on your website. Not only does this play a factor in your rankings in the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) but it gives insights into how users are interacting with your website no matter how they got there. We make sure that all appropriate events and goals are being tracked, all IP address that should be filtered is being filtered and that you are receiving an automatic report that contains information that is important to your business. If you have an AdWords campaign running, we also ensure that the information is being shared with Analytics properly.


Google AdWords:

We take the time to make sure that all our Google Certifications are up to date, this makes us uniquely qualified to make sure that your AdWords is set up properly. An AdWords campaign that has been improperly setup can end up costing you thousands. We go over your account to make sure that negative keywords have been put in place, that all the appropriate extensions have been applied and that your budget has been properly assessed.

Other Areas We Specialize In

HTTPS Migration

Monthly Reporting

Analytics Configuration


Competitor Analysis

Keyword Analysis


Social Media Marketing


Google Tag Manager:

Tag Manager allows digital marketers to apply many different types of strategies without needing to directly modify your website.


Google My Business:

Google My Business is an integral element in local SEO. A properly setup Google My Business account can include a quick contact section, a link to your website, client reviews, quick links to your social media accounts, and any images linked to your business including your location on Google maps. At Pixel we take the time to ensure that everything has been covered and that you are leveraging every option available to your business.


Google Search Console / Bing Webmaster Tools:

This service is often overlooked, however, this service is responsible for error reporting and website indexing. It can give you insights into what are some of the common search queries that have lead users to your website, and sites that have links back to your website.

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