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PPC advertising can bring traffic instantly to your website increasing the chances of your website generating actionable leads. Pay per click advertising allows you to target your ads by your demographics age, gender, interests, and websites that the user had visited previously. Unlike organic SEO, PPC operates on a bidding system combined with keyword selections.

Why You Should Use A Digital Marketing Agency For PPC


As mentioned above there are many different ways to target your ads, but there are also many different types of ads that you will need to choose from. This is where Pixel From The Left comes in:

Standard Google Search Ads – These are the ads that most people associate with PPC campaigns. They are often found occupying the top spots in your search results. These are great if you offer a service that doesn’t really use imagery to sell the service.

Display Ads – When words just don’t do your service justice there are display ads. By using display ads you can leverage both text and imagery to promote your product.

Video Ads – TrueView ads are similar to video ads that are found on Facebook, however, they are managed by Google AdWords. Typically video ads do cost more to use and are a lot more involved when it comes to their creation but they offer an incredible way to communicate your message to potential clients.

Google Shopping Ads – These ads are for e-commerce websites only. By creating a Google marketplace account you can upload your websites products and they will be displayed in the Google Shopping tab in your Google search.

Remarketing Campaigns – Remarketing Campaigns can accompany all different types of ads. What remarketing does is gather information on the people that have visited your website and then by using that data that the remarketing list has gathered we can either target or exclude people from viewing your ads.

Want more information on how PPC campaigns work contact us and have a certified SEO engineer help to discover if this is right for you.

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