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There is more to web design than just making something look pretty. In many cases, your website will be the first interaction you have with your potential clients. A proper design allows you to set the tone, visually represent your business, and ultimately define your brand.

Our Process


Competitor Research – This is an important step in the process. By understanding your competitor’s strengths and weakness we can build from the areas that they found their success and improve on it without making the same initial mistakes made by others in your industry.


Get To Know Your Demographic – Understanding who you target is can make or break any business, the same can be said for any website design. Having this knowledge will help us decide on the type of font, the font-size,  and it even helps determine the way that your message should be relayed.


Get To Know You – Last but not least … Who are you and who do you want to be? These are important questions to answer in the design phase of your project. Understanding these answers will affect the entire look and feel of a design. It will help us solidify what your brand means and how that is relayed to the world.


What Makes Pixel To The Left Different


At Pixel we understand that every business has something unique about them, no matter the industry and because of that we believe that every website should reflect that uniqueness, embrace it even. Still not convinced? Contact us and let’s discuss what Pixel To The Left can do for your business.

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