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People often think that web design and web development are one in the same. It is true that these two work in tandem but the one main difference is that a developer is someone who brings those designs to life. From a simple landing page to more complex e-commerce solutions, Pixel To Left has the knowledge and experience to bring your project to life.

Our Process


Stable – We place a lot of pride in our work, and that’s why all of our websites go through extensive testing to ensure that your website is stable and visually appealing on all devices.


Fast Load Time – People expect websites to be quick. In fact, load time will play a major role in your website client retention. There are many factors that contribute to a websites load time, some of the guilty parties are:

  • Clunky coded websites
  • Too many external files
  • Non-optimized images and videos


Responsive – Accessibility is a must today, with that in mind all of our websites are built to work on all devices. We do extensive QA to ensure that the user experience isn’t affected by the size of the screen … at no extra cost to you.


Easy To Use – When we build a website we keep you in mind, after all, what’s the point of using a content management system if you can’t use it.


Training – Keeping in line with the ease of use, we also offer training for you and your team with every website we build.

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