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People often confuse web design with web development, but in reality, the two are very different from one another. In the development phase, we take your design and make it come to life.

Let’s face it coding can be messy, and messy coding can lead to issues as your website ages. Over the course of the website’s life, it is important to make sure that it degrades gracefully, and that’s why we pay special attention to the following areas:

Stability – We take a lot of pride in our work. Every website that we build is tested and then tested again.

Fast Load Time – People expect websites to be fast. Load times will affect click-through rates, rankings, and leads. Some of the main contributors to load time are:

  • Clunky code, messy coded loops
  • Non-optimized images and videos
  • Improperly configured caching

Responsive – With the wide range of device sizes, not having a responsive website will hinder your business more than you could imagine. At Pixel we conduct extensive quality testing to ensure that the website meets the mobile requirements, and this is done at no extra cost to you.

User interface – We pay special attention to not only the client side, but we also keep you in mind when it comes to UI design. We design the structure of the backend to allow you to edit the content with ease. And to top it off, we offer training for you and your team so you can manage your website without having to rely on a development team.

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