endeavour tattoos and piercings

Endeavour Tattoos and Piercings is a tattoo and piercing studio located in Barrie ON. They were looking for a website with a more modern feel that would be easy to update with images and videos since their service is very visual. Below is are some of the areas that we addressed.

Ease of use: We made it easier for users to navigate the site by adding multiple ways to navigate to various services. We also created a form that would make allow the user to provide enough information so that their replies would be more accurate.

Ability to modify content: Endeavour is very active and required the ability to add new content as needed. So we moved them to WordPress and leveraged Visual composer so that they can easily manage their website themselves.

Optimized images: In order to decrease the websites load time we optimized every image added to the website.

Social Media: As mentioned before Endeavour is very active and wanted their website to include their social feeds. So we added their Facebook and Instagram to their homepage, these feeds also update automatically so it requires no extra work on their part.

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These days if your website doesn’t function on mobile you will lose a massive amount of potential client. With this in mind, we made sure that as the device gets smaller that the website would not lose functionality and still offers an easy to use the website to the visitors.

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